I have a teen who has dyslexia and has an IEP in public school. My child is getting straight A's and B's in all classes, except for Spanish. I am struggling with the school to implement the correct accommodations for Spanish, as well as to provide my son with the accommodations that are in his IEP. I am looking to get some ideas for other accommodations to make him successful to at least get a C in the class. He gets all A's on his coursework but fails every single assessment.

These are the accommodations he currently has for Spanish:
  1. Tests read aloud
  2. Copy of teacher notes
  3. Use of notes in Spanish
  4. Redo assessments that are failing

I know that I am going to be asking the school to add some additional accommodations, such as:
  1. Extra time on assessments
  2. Notes in Spanish on formative/summative
  3. Grades lower than 50% will be counted as 50% instead of a zero

Is there any other accommodation that will help him?

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

As you know, given that dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder, our students can have a tough time learning a foreign language -- in part because they are already having a tough time in their native language. I don't have any other suggestions in regard to accommodations. It seems like you've hit the most useful ones for our students with dyslexia.

Here [1] is some information we have on the website.

And these tips [2] from a Spanish teacher might be helpful.

And here [3] is a response I wrote that made give food for thought and some helpful links.

Overall, I think you are on the right path with those accommodations. Let me know if you have other questions.

Best of luck to him!