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Success Story: Henry Winkler [2]

Say 'eeey' to Henry Winkler [2]

Read about how the man who played The Fonz co-wrote 17 children's books inspired by his own struggles with dyslexia.
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Read2Go by Bookshare [3]

Bookshare Releases Read2Go App to Help Dyslexic Students [3]

Bookshare has released a new app called Read2Go that is a must-see resource for students with dyslexia! Read post... [3]

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Self-Advocacy and YOU! [4]

Stay Organized & Manage Your Time [4]

If you're dyslexic, it may take you longer to accomplish certain tasks. We offer some pointers that will help you manage your time well. Read more... [4]

Emma Jefferies [5]

Emma Jefferies: The Dyslexic Ph.D.


Dr. Emma Jefferies' series of videos catalogs the challenges she faced due to dyslexia while obtaining her PhD, and how she overcame them.
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Emma Jefferies