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Success Story: Philip Schultz [2]

My Dyslexia Author Philip Schultz [2]

This Pulitzer Prize winner fought dyslexia by finding a new way to read.
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The Dyslexic Advantage [3]

Can Having Dyslexia Actually be Considered an Advantage? [3]

Everybody's talking about The Dyslexic Advantage, Fernette and Brock Eide's book about the many strengths that grow out of having a dyslexic brain. Read post... [3]

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SAT Test Prep [4]

Tricks for SAT Test Prep [4]

Dyslexia should not prevent high standardized test scores! Here are some tricks to help dyslexics improve their SAT scores. Read more... [4]

Livescribe Smartpen [5]

Livescribe Smartpen: A Treat for Students with Dyslexia [5]

This pen is truly revolutionary, allowing you to record lectures while you take notes.
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