As dyslexics struggle with reading, pouring over pages of small, tightly-printed text may not be the best option.

Luckily, book scanning has become a viable option for transferring printed text into PDFs and eBook format to help dyslexics read. These digital formats are compatible with much text-to-speech software, which makes reading easier for those with dyslexia.

For those in need of the digital format for text, there are many options for scanning and converting books.



The do-it-yourself options require a scanner and the books you wish to scan. The process is very tedious, but it is inexpensive and everything will be right on your computer.

  • Eric Mack Online Tutorial

    Eric Mack Online Tutorial

    This reviewer uses an OpticBook 3600 Book Scanner to scan books, but there are many other options available, depending on the needed quality and your budget.

  • Google Docs Scanning [1]

    Google Docs Scanning [1]

    Google docs has an option to make a document from a picture of text. Simply take a picture and follow the instructions on the app.


Services in SE Michigan

Ann Arbor offers a few good book scanning services. It’s typically cheaper if you live in the area, but shipping costs can increase the price, depending on how many books are in the order.


Services outside of Michigan

There are many non-local services for book scanning, but some are costly and others only work with certain formats.

  • Blue Leaf Book Scanning [5]

    Blue Leaf Book Scanning [5]

    Located in St. Louis, Missouri

    Blue Leaf is the best rated and reviewed service for book scanning. Their versatile services allow them to convert books to Word documents, PDFs, and eBooks.

  • Bound Book Scanning [6]

    Bound Book Scanning [6]

    Located in Spring Valley, NY

    Bound Book Scanning is a reasonably-priced service that works particularly well for the eBook format.

  • Custom Book Scanning [7]

    Custom Book Scanning [7]

    Located in Austin, Texas

    This Texas-based company aims to make information flexible, portable, and accessible. They convert books into digital format, making them readable on your e-reader or online. The process is simple: Fill out an order form on their website, receive a price quote, mail in the materials you would like digitized, and they will take care of the rest.

  • Scanning America [8]

    Scanning America [8]

    Various Locations

    Scanning America's high-quality document scanning and imaging services are available at their conversion centers or at your location.


For those in need of the digital format for text, there are many options for scanning and converting books.
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