As text-to-speech becomes more popular, more apps and websites come out with books for kids with dyslexia.

America Online (AOL) has included several popular children's books on its KOL Jr. Stories [1] site that use text-to-speech to read the books aloud and word highlighting to help children follow along. 

KOL Jr. Stories (Arthur) [1]

Image source: KOL Jr. Stories [1]


Several books from the Arthur [2] series, Blossom and Boo [3], The Lady with the Alligator Purse [4], and classic fairy tales such as Snow White part 1 [5] and part 2 [6] and Sleeping Beauty [7] are all available. Each page has illustrations and pause/play controls as well!

These KOL books are a great way for your kids to have fun and learn while browsing the web. Introduce them today!


Let AOL Kids' KOL Jr. Stories Read Aloud to You