The same company that brought you the Livescribe Smartpen just came out with a new product: the Sky Wi-fi Smartpen. [1]

With the Sky Wi-fi Smartpen, you’re still able to take notes while recording class lectures, and these notes are now able to be accessed elsewhere.

New from Livescribe: The Sky Wi-fi Smartpen [2]

Image source: Livescribe [2]


The pen can connect to wi-fi so you can access your recordings and notes via Evernote [3] on any web browser. Evernote allows you to search and organize your notes, and you can relive your notes and audio, making studying a lot easier with both visual and audio features.

You can also share your notes directly from your notebook or your Internet connection through email, Facebook, or Google Drive [4].

Watch a video tutorial of the Sky Wi-fi Smartpen here. [5]

New from Livescribe: The Sky Wi-fi Smartpen