Links to Activities and Materials

The following is a list of various websites that have materials, activities, and resources that may be helpful for dyslexics as a supplement to formal therapy.

They cover the full age range from preschool through adult. Some sites are available at no cost, whereas others have a subscription fee.


  • ABC Teach [1]

    ABC Teach [1]

    ABC Teach is a database of teaching resources on a variety of topics, such as science, social studies, and reading comprehension. They also have flashcards, and ESL activities.
    Visit the website [1]

  • Activities for ESL Students [2]

    Activities for ESL Students [2]

    This website offers English and bilingual quizzes, puzzles, and activities that focus on grammar and vocabulary, to help ESL speakers develop their English skills.
    Visit the website [2]

  • Annenberg Learner [3]

    Annenberg Learner [3]

    Annenberg Learner is a resource database for educators. It contains professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum, in disciplines such as art, foreign language, literature, math, science, and much more.
    Visit the website [3]

  • Bookshare [4]

    Bookshare [4]

    Bookshare is the world's largest online library of accessible books, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines for people with difficulties reading printed text. The entire website is screen-reader friendly.
    Visit the website [4]

  • Blast Off To Reading! [5]

    Blast Off To Reading! [5]

    Blast Off To Reading Is a website that provides a plethora of reading resources for dyslexics. From reading programs to free phonic apps and games, this site is great for parents who are looking for fun reading activities for their child. The resources are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach (a structured literacy approach).
    Visit the website [5]

  • CDLP Online [6]

    CDLP Online [6]

    CDLP Online contains adult learning activities on topics such as government, housing, and money. After one reads or listens to the story, they can test their comprehension skills.
    Visit the website [6]

  • Coursera [7]

    Coursera [7]

    Coursera is a website that contains hundreds of varied online courses from some of the nation's top universities—including the University of Michigan. The website is entirely free to use, and the courses are entirely free to take.
    Visit the website [7]

  • DyslexiaMaterials [8]

    DyslexiaMaterials [9]

    DyslexiaMaterials offers a number of free learning resources, advice, and articles for those with dyslexia.
    Visit the website [9]

  • Ed Helper [10]

    Ed Helper [10]

    Ed Helper offers worksheets on reading, writing, math, science, foreign languages, and more. Each subject has many subcategories, and these resources can be accessed with an annual subscription.
    Visit the website [10]

  • EduGameStar [11]

    EduGameStar [11]

    Developed by the Reading and Writing Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, EduGameStar is designed to help dyslexics of all ages build the phonological and cognitive skills required to become a fluent reader. EduGameStar uses specially designed games to build these skills and allow the student to have a little fun in the process.
    Visit the website [11]

  • ESL Café [12]

    ESL Café [12]

    The ESL Café contains resources for both students and teachers, including grammar lessons, a forum where students can post questions for teachers to answer, and a quiz center.
    Visit the website [12]

  • ESL Lab [13]

    ESL Lab [13]

    ESL Lab offers tests to help ESL learners. When finished, the tests give final scores.
    Visit the website [13]

  • Fact Monster [14]

    Fact Monster [14]

    Fact Monster is a large reference database for children. It's filled with information on science, math, U.S. and world history, and much more.
    Visit the website [14]

  • Fuel the Brain [15]

    Fuel the Brain [15]

    Fuel the Brain has dozens of games, interactive activities, and printable resources to help enhance elementary skills in math, science, and language arts.
    Visit the website [15]

  • FunBrain [16]

    FunBrain [16]

    This website contains a math arcade, a reading area with Mad Libs, and a word game that can be played with other FunBrain users. In addition, there are some classic games like math baseball.
    Visit the website [16]

  • Fun Fonix [17]

    Fun Fonix [17]

    Fun Fonix is full of pre-made phonics worksheets and activities, as well as a create-your-own feature.
    Visit the website [17]

  • GrammarBase [18]

    GrammarBase [18]

    GrammarBase is a free online grammar checker. Once it finishes scanning your document, you will receive a free detailed report identifying all issues and offering simple suggestions for improvements and corrections.
    Visit the website [18]

  • [19] [19] is designed to help students be academically successful. It contains dozens of organizational tools, tips to avoid procrastination, and much more.
    Visit the website [19]

  • The Internet Picture Dictionary [20]

    The Internet Picture Dictionary [20]

    Vocabulary words are presented with pictures, sorted either alphabetically or by topic. After reviewing the words, the website offers flashcards and word scrambles for additional practice.
    Visit the website [20]

  • ipl2 [21]

    ipl2 [21]

    ipl2 is a robust reference database and public service organization. Many students, volunteers, and library and information science professionals have provided answers in the "Ask an ipl2 Librarian" section and have helped design, build, and maintain the ipl2's collections.
    Visit the website [21]

  • LD Field Guide [22]

    LD Field Guide [22]

    The purpose of this guide is to create the potential for collaboration, reduce overlap of efforts, and build a stronger community. It is intended to be inclusive and informational.
    Visit the website [22]

  • Learning Ally [23]

    Learning Ally [23]

    Learning Ally serves people of all ages who cannot read print due to visual impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities. It contains over 70,000 digitally recorded books that are delivered through computers, iPads, and assistive technology devices.
    Visit the website [23]

  • Lexile [24]

    Lexile [24]

    Using Lexile, kids can determine the lexile rating of books suited to their reading abilities and search other books in that range.
    Visit the website [24]

  • [25] [25]

    This website is aimed primarily at ESL speakers, but may help native English speakers as well. It offers quizzes, word puzzles, image-based vocabulary games, and more. There are also audio files to help with pronunciation.
    Visit the website [25]

  • Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Words [26]

    Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Words [26]

    This site contains several lists, phrases, worksheets, and activities to help children learn to read.
    Visit the website [26]

  • [27] [27]

    This vast directory of teaching tools is a product of years of research by Rona Martin, classroom teacher. It contains puzzles, grade books, worksheets, lesson plans, and much more.
    Visit the website [27]

  • [28] [28] contains tons of college courses that you can take—for free—online. The courses are from the country's top universities, and the topics they cover are varied.
    Visit the website [28]

  • QUIA: Have Fun [29]

    QUIA: Have Fun [29]

    This website contains dozens of language games that help with vocabulary, grammar, figurative language, and more. There are also speech and sequencing games and helpful links for parents and teachers.
    Visit the website [29]

  • ReadWriteThink [30]

    ReadWriteThink [30]

    ReadWriteThink has vast libraries of classroom and professional development resources for teachers. Download lesson plans, strategy guides, and more.
    Visit the website [30]

  • Scholastic [31]

    Scholastic [31]

    Scholastic contains tons of teaching resources (lesson plans, teacher blogs), student activities (grammar games, social studies stories), and games for parents to play with their children (Clifford games, a learning arcade).
    Visit the website [31]

  • Sight Words [32]

    Sight Words [33]

    Sight Words contains free tools designed to teach sight words to kids from Pre-K to 4th grade. The site includes free printable resources, 12 fully customizable games, and different teaching techniques. 
    Visit the website [33]

  • Smart Notebooks [34]

    Smart Notebooks [34]

    Smart Notebooks are designed to help kids with special needs write properly. Special graphic lines help children write each letter in equal size, as well as leave spaces between words and between letters.
    Visit the website [34]

  • SparkNotes [35]

    SparkNotes [35]

    SparkNotes helps make sense of confusing schoolwork. They offer book guides that contain detailed summaries and insightful critical analyses of literature, as well as guides for history, math, biology, and other subjects.
    Visit the website [35]

  • Storybird [36]

    Storybird [36]

    Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you can make and share on any device. Teachers and students can have free class accounts to manage students without email, create assignments, and build beautiful libraries, and artists can share and sell their art.
    Visit the website [36]

  • Story Share [37]

    Story Share [38]

    A literacy hub to re-engage struggling teen and young adult readers.
    Visit the website [37]

  • The Color [39]

    The Color [39]

    The Color is a fun website for kids to visit to find dozens of online coloring sheets. They can color anything from cars and trucks to cats and dogs.
    Visit the website [39]

  • Tips for Reluctant Readers [40]

    Tips for Reluctant Readers [40]

    Tips for Reluctant Readers is a website made by an ambitious dyslexic girl. She offers spelling tricks, reading tips, resources, and much more to help those who, like her, struggle with dyslexia.
    Visit the website [40]

  • Turtle Diary [41]

    Turtle Diary [41]

    Turtle Diary is a great website for parents and teachers to use to help kids solve problems faster. It's loaded with games and activities in all kinds of school subjects, and you can search for them by grade, subject, and topic.
    Visit the website [41]

  • Typing Study [42]

    Typing Study [42]

    Typing study is an amazing, free learning website that is designed to help you learn and improve your typing speed and accuracy.
    Visit the website [42]

  • Visuwords

    Visuwords [43]

    Visuwords is a dictionary and a thesaurus that’s a great resource for writers! It allows the user to look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. The user can produce word diagrams to see how words associate.
    Visit the website [43]

  • Word Central [44]

    Word Central [44]

    These "robot" games target spelling, language skills, and vocabulary. The Alpha-Bot pronounces words to help test spelling skills, the Robo-Bee pollinates flowers with words on them to help test language skills, and much more.
    Visit the website [44]


We've compiled a list of websites with tons of helpful resources for dyslexics.
Bookshare, Scholastic, Learning Ally, and more!