While most famous for playing Phoebe Halliwell in the popular TV series Charmed [2], Alyssa Milano has had her share of success.

Milano broke out into the acting scene at an early age, when she was on Broadway at age eight. Soon after, she starred alongside Tony Danza in Who’s the Boss? [3], establishing her success in the world of acting.

But all of her success was very difficult for her to achieve. Milano is dyslexic, and for her, memorizing lines and reading scripts hasn’t always come easy.

Though she struggled with reading early in her acting career, Milano credits British thespian Sir John Gielglud for helping her overcome her learning disability.

"When I asked him how he memorized his monologues, he said, 'I write them down,'" Milano recalled in 2003 [4]. "I use that method to this day. It not only familiarizes me with my words, it makes them my own."

Milano is also active in promoting awareness for dyslexia, as she has used her Twitter account [5] to post links about tips to detect and cope with dyslexia.

Alyssa Milano has had her share of success, despite being dyslexic.
Alyssa Milano