I live in Michigan. I am a parent of a 15-year-old freshman with a significant history of dyslexia/written language/executive skill disabilities and math learning disability. He attended an independent school in New England prior to our move to Michigan, where he learned to decode at a level that approximates grade level average. He's a bright, creative kid who was so dyslexic in elementary school that we are concerned about his educational plan for high school and college. Based on standardized testing, our public school district would like to eliminate our son from his IEP for written language. Needless to say, we think this is not in his best interest. We are seeking an outside opinion in accordance with FAPE, 504 and IEP law.

Does the University of Michigan DyslexiaHelp office offer neuropsychological/education testing? If not, can you recommend any outside evaluators with specific expertise in advocating for students with dyslexia, language, executive functioning and math learning disabilities?


Dr. Pierson's Response: 

I am going to refer you to my friend Dr. Michael Ryan [1], who is a psychologist in Grand Rapids and would be closer to you than Ann Arbor. DyslexiaHelp is strictly an informational website, so we do not do any testing. If Dr. Ryan cannot do the testing he can definitely refer you to someone.

You cannot go wrong with Michael. I have known him since the late '80s through my work in the public schools on the west side of the state. I am sorry that you are having to take on this battle. Persevere.