We have compiled a list of programs and activities designed specifically to target phonemic awareness. We have used a few of these and have found them to be successful tools.

These programs cannot replace direct intervention, but they can enhance the therapy program. In most cases, the child will need guidance from a therapist or teacher to help him or her learn the underlying skills for phonemic awareness. Most importantly, if you live in an area with limited resources, these programs can offer your client or student additional practice and support. Success with these programs can increase his or her confidence approaching tasks of reading and writing. Success starts here!

Some of the items on the list are self-explanatory; however, for the majority of the items, your client will need training from a professional to get the best results. We provide a brief description of the program or tool and the link where you can go to find more about it.






Read, Write, & Type! Learning System

Read, Write & Type! Learning System - Various Prices

Read, Write & Type! Learning System is a reading software program that utilizes a multi-sensory, interactive approach suitable to children with a variety of learning styles. Through the use of colorful games, animation, and music, the program targets a child’s phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, writing, spelling, and typing. Users progress through 12 skill levels, during which they are given instant visual and auditory feedback for their responses. Read, Write & Type! Learning System contains special features for students with learning disabilities, reading difficulties, and those learning English as a second language, allowing teachers and parents to adjust the level of difficulty and the criteria for competency based on a child’s individual needs. Additionally, the program allows teachers and parents to monitor student progress with printable progress reports identifying which of four key areas—phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, or reading comprehension—pose particular challenges for skill level mastery.


Reading Resource

Reading Resource - Free

This website has free downloads for teaching syllables, segmenting and blending, and rhyming. They also have activities for learning the difference between letters, sounds, syllables, words, and sentences.