Helping Students with Dyslexia Learn How to Learn from Written Texts

This journal article presents a thoroughly researched and evidence-based guide to planning and implementing a balanced program of intervention to improve reading comprehension.

Authored by 3LI co-founder and DyslexiaHelp creator Dr. Pierson, co-founder of 3LI Dr. Lauren Katz, and Towson University Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of the Speech-Language Pathology program Dr. Karen Fallon, this article discusses the 6 Ps – specific strategies that can assist Students with Dyslexia to manage large volumes of text, increase their engagement, and deepen their understanding of what they read.

The 6 Ps

The 6 Ps


The article, which was published in eHearsay: The Electronic Journal of the Ohio Speech-Hearing-Language Association, opens with an overview of the theoretical models of reading comprehension and their application in the assessment process. Next, the authors present the 5S Framework, important factors for consideration when designing a balanced intervention. Finally, six strategies, the 6 Ps, are offered. The set of strategies involve both preparative pre-reading strategies and reflective check-ins while reading and summarizing, and all have been found to be highly effective by the authors in clinical practice.

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