​As a dyslexic, Aakash Odedra has always found written English difficult, but inside he always had something to say. He found that gesturing through his hands and eyes allowed him to say things with his body that he couldn’t say in any other way.

​Odedra began channeling his talents into dance. He became an Indian classical dancer and was soon noticed for the way his body could move differently from other classical dancers. His instructors began trying to teach him new languages and methods of dance. They introduced him to new media which would show even the smallest eye movements or hand gestures to the largest audiences.

​Odedra became inspired by this new media which seemed to exaggerate and warp reality. He was reminded of the dyslexic world, and how letters on a page were processed differently by his brain then by others, the same way his dance might be processed differently to different people. From this, he choreographed a dance that was inspired by his dyslexia. It conveys a message that intelligence has multiple forms and that sensitivity of the body raises one’s self-awareness. He hopes to share a dyslexic story that is an emotional journey.

​To read more about Odedra or to view his dance, visit The Guardian.