Meet Alex Green, a graduate from the University of Hawaii, the father of two children, and a draft pick for the Green Bay Packers. Green struggled with school his entire life, being told he would never pass high school and barely getting through junior college because he was unable to comprehend and apply what he was reading in his text books. While trying to support his newborn daughter, Green spent two months of junior college living in his car, trying to understand why he always received such poor grades, no matter how hard he studied.

It wasn’t until Green was given a chance by the University of Hawaii for his skills on the football field that he finally came to understand the cause of his struggles. A learning specialist at the University ran tests on Green and discovered that he was dyslexic. Finally armed with the knowledge he so desperately needed, Green was able to tackle his issues with learning. He started using audio books instead of text books, and learned how to visualize what he was reading by "making movies" in his mind. He was able to apply his new skills to the football field as well by actually visualizing his movements during new plays. That way, he was able to apply what he was seeing in his mind to real life.

Having been recruited by the Packers, Green is now working hard to secure his spot on the team. Now that he knows about his dyslexia and how he can combat his old issues, Green feels unstoppable. Read more of Green's inspiring story.