Alexander Faludy is known as being a child prodigy because of his vast intelligence From England, he truly has defied all odds to get where he is today. At age 15 (Born in 1983), Faludy became the youngest undergraduate student to attend University of Cambridge since 1773. He achieved this prestigious spot at the university in 1998 after showing his academic potential all throughout his schooling. However, Faludy suffers from severe dyslexia as well as what is known as dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder.

Despite only being able to write two words a minute that only he can read, Faludy has an IQ score that surpasses most. At age 9, he became the youngest person to pass the English General Certificate of Secondary Education, a test that is usually taken in 11th grade. After attending boarding school in Dorset, England, Faludy took the opportunity to go to the University of Cambridge where he studied art history and theology. His learning disorders have presented him with immense challenges, but he has not let that stop him from living up to his full potential.

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