Press officer at the disability charity Scope, Anja Dembina has found great success in the media and public relations department despite her dyslexia challenges. Now age 32, Dembina has learned to accept that she is a slower reader than everyone else, and has to proofread her work numerous times to make sure there are no mistakes. She thinks that a lot of people do not fully understand dyslexia, and it’s sometimes hard to recognize because it can be such a hidden impairment.

Growing up, Dembina remembers always struggling with reading and wondered why she wasn’t finishing books as fast as her peers. It wasn’t until college that she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Despite these difficulties, she has always felt confident communicating verbally with others. This is one reason why she has found such great success in her career. She states that her job is more than just writing- it’s about sharing her ideas through communicating with others and using her creativity to guide her. Dembina believes her job is something that many dyslexics would be able to find success in, despite obstacles in reading and writing.

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