Shark Tank celebrity investor and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran didn’t do well in school when she was younger. Her grades suffered because of dyslexia, which she wasn’t fully aware she had until her son began to have trouble in school in a similar nature. Corcoran’s mother planted the seed that would fuel Corcoran’s success throughout her career despite being dyslexic. Her mom repeatedly told her that her ‘disability’ was a gift rather than an impairment; a gift that would allow Corcoran to problem solve by using her imagination to fill in the blanks. Corcoran held onto this motherly advice as she climbed up the ladder and turned a $1,000 loan into a $5 billion dollar real estate empire.

Even today though, Corcoran still worries that her dyslexia might make her appear less smart. Her constant attempt to prove she has the ability to measure up to the competition is still in the back of her mind today, despite her already impressive success. But she doesn’t let that worry turn into self-pity. Instead, Corcoran sees her dyslexia as a window to be both more creative and more competitive. Her dyslexia isn’t a crutch, but a gift, and she’s thankful for the ability to use her disability as a window to success.

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