Former NHL star, Brent Sopel, shares his lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

Growing up, Sopel recalls being taunted by his classmates due to his learning difficulties. He remembers being asked to read aloud during 9th grade English class as one of the worst days of his life. His daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2015, and Sopel found out he also had dyslexia soon after. Unfortunately, because he was not diagnosed with dyslexia during his childhood, he was never able to receive the proper support he needed to be successful in the classroom. His own struggles motivated him to create the Brent Sopel Foundation, which is an organization that works to broaden dyslexia awareness as well as provide financial and educational support to those with dyslexia.

Sopel is known for being a former hockey player in the NHL who won the Stanley Cup Championship with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010.