Although royalty, Swedish Prince Carl Philip has endured struggles just like the average person.

As the only son of three children to King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Carl Philip is fourth in line to the throne. When not in the public eye, he spends most of his free time in the outdoors. His favorite activities include football, swimming, sailing, and skiing. In 2004, he completed the historic Swedish “Vasaloppet”, the longest cross country ski race in the world with an impressive time. He was also a scout and enjoys motor sports.

His early education began in Sweden, where he remained until completing his senior level education before spending 2 years in the United States at a private school in Connecticut. Even though he excelled in his extensive schooling, he speaks about the challenges of being dyslexic in an interview. Despite his dyslexia, he has climbed the military ladder and achieved the rank of Major in the Royal Swedish Navy. Additionally, he has found a passion in graphic design and photography, completing a two-year course in Graphic Design from Forsbergs School of Graphic Design in Stockholm. Following that experience, he obtained an internship at National Geographic.

Carl Philip has prospered through the challenges his dyslexia presented, using his love for the outdoors and graphic design to achieve many feats. He wed Sofia Hellqvist in 2014 and recently had their first child, Prince Alexander. His speaking out about his experience with dyslexia sparked from negative portrayals of his wife in the media during their engagement. He spoke to the the public harassment he faced from the media when he confused some numbers on stage at an annual sports gala, and the hurt he felt from the media’s bullying. He believes that dyslexia should not stand in anyone’s way of getting back up and trying again, but rather should be used as a tool for success.

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