Despite not receiving help until her high school years, one of our former clients fought through her struggles in school because of her dyslexia.

Carrie didn’t get much help until her sophomore year in high school, even though she’d experienced difficulties reading and completing her homework. In elementary school, she did get extra time for tests and homework — but she wasn’t formally diagnosed with dyslexia until her sophomore year. It was then she started getting the help she needed — and she immediately saw success.

Because she didn’t receive help until later in her schooling, Carrie understands the importance of doing something about your learning disability and getting help right away.

Though the process might be hard, Carrie thinks it’s important to persevere — at this point in her life, she doesn’t remember the struggles; all she remembers is her success!

Carrie has seen much success herself. She was a Loyola Scholar at her high school, and as a junior here at the University of Michigan, is a member of the national champion varsity rowing team. A rower since high school, she has achieved both academically and athletically in her high school and college careers.

We congratulate Carrie. Perseverance pays off!

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