Upon publishing his first novel, Learning Without Reading: Extreme Dyslexia, Casey M Tate realized his dream of becoming an author had become true. Tate says his book reflects both the highlights and disappointments in his life. Having struggled with dyslexia since he was a kid, Tate never thought that he would be able to casually pick up a book to read, let alone write his own novel. He’s spoken about how simple activities like reading a book, deciphering a cooking recipe, or searching on the internet was never possible for him because of his severe dyslexia. It wasn’t until voice recognition with Apple Page became accessible to him that he was able to really explore writing. Learning Without Reading: Extreme Dyslexia was written with the help of voice recognition software, and Tate made sure that there was no editing done to the book—he wanted to present his own struggle with reading in its truest form to his readers.

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