Channing Tatum struggled with both ADHD and dyslexia as a kid growing up. He was placed in the special education classroom with children who had Down Syndrome and autism because of his learning disabilities. Tatum explains his frustration to US magazine, saying he knew he didn’t belong in the special education classroom but also knew he was “obviously not like these kids either” when placed back in a regular classroom. Tatum referred to the school system as “broken” in an interview, and hopes to see a reformed system that can accommodate for those with language-learning disabilities who struggled like he did.

Tatum’s mom gave him indispensable advice on how to learn outside of the classroom in order to learn and ultimately rise to the level of professional acting. His mom told him to “be a sponge” and learn from people and experiences because he couldn’t absorb material from textbooks easily. Tatum believes this advice has helped him in his acting career because he uses it to pick out good mentors. In an interview, he said he looks at what a person can do and the knowledge they can give and hopes to learn from them. Despite his struggles with ADHD and dyslexia, Tatum has been able to learn from mentors and trying circumstances and make a successful Hollywood acting and producing career.

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