Christine Finn, a dyslexia high school dropout, spends most of her working life as a freelance journalist, including for The Guardian and British Broadcasting Corporation.

Even though she quit high school in the UK when she was 17 to become a reporter, she was given a place at Oxford University to read archaeology and anthropology in her 30s. Excavation brought her back to art-making and poetry, which eventually became her doctoral thesis there. Although she then returned to journalism and other writing, Finn’s heart still lies with visual art.

Finn’s installations are public artworks and interventions, in site-specific locations; one is at Cape May in New Jersey. They are often documents using photography, but she claims are as investigative as her reporting and archaeology practices.

Her strategy is based on experiential learning, and a constant curiosity. She am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London, and have been both a Fellow (1990) and Visiting Fellow (2015-16) of the Reuter Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.

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