Craig McCaw took over the family business after his father passed away, building a $12.6 billion cellular company that began in his Stanford dorm room. Despite his success in the cellular industry, McCaw still faces challenges with dyslexia in his everyday life. He struggled growing up, feeling like he didn’t fit in because he thought differently than his peers. He still finds himself having to face obstacles that his dyslexia presents to him, making him shy and uncomfortable when speaking to a large crowd.

Even though dyslexia brought these challenges to his life, McCaw credits much of his professional success to his learning disability. In order to accommodate for his dyslexia, he has had to think differently than others. This has allowed him to view problems in his work from unique perspectives and think conceptually rather than focus on the small details. Living with dyslexia has helped shape these traits, and contributes to Craig McCaw’s incredible success in the cellular industry.

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