Known for her success as a romance novelist, Debbie Macomber has struggled with dyslexia all throughout her life.

Despite the challenges she has faced, she has found a love for storytelling and sharing her talents with the world. As a #1 New York Times bestselling author, her books have sold over 200 million copies and can be found all around the globe.

Her journey as a writer began at a young age with the journal she kept. To this day, at age 68, Macomber still keeps a journal. She considers herself more of a storyteller than an author, and has had to learn how to navigate the writing world. She mentions in an interview that while in school, her teachers would tell her that she simply would never do well in school. Additionally, she did not learn to read until the age of 10. Although she greatly struggled in her schooling and did not have much support from her teachers, she was able to graduate high school, but never pursued higher education. It was in these years of her development that she decided that she wanted to be a writer. Despite years of rejection, Macomber persevered and eventually one of her manuscripts was published. Since then, she has worked diligently perfecting her books, all while raising four children and enjoying her home in Port Orchard, Washington. In addition, it was not until her two children were diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age that she realized dyslexia was what she had been struggling with her whole life. Up to that point, she had always thought she was just dumb, which obviously is not the case. Macomber likes to highlight that dyslexia is not a learning disability per se, but rather a learning difference. Even though this learning difference made traditional school hard for her, she has thrived in her passion for writing and storytelling.

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