An Inspiring Video Series

Emma Jefferies is a truly extraordinary woman. She is an award winning researcher, designer, writer, educator, and filmmaker. Her work mainly focuses on human interaction and development. She recently received a PhD in design from Northumbria University (UK). She also has dyslexia.

Recently, Jefferies has posted a series of videos in which she describes the challenges she faced from her dyslexia while obtaining her PhD, and how she was able to overcome those challenges. She focuses on how her brain does not allow her to go from "point A to point B", but rather goes off in all different directions. While she admits that these digressions have allowed her to find inspiration, she also acknowledges the difficulties that this type of thought process has created, specifically when trying to articulate her ideas. Overtime, she has learned how to comprehend her own mental and written processes by examining the work of her peers. More than anything, she stresses that battling dyslexia is all about having a positive attitude rather than a certain skill set.

Currently, Jefferies is looking for the support of companies and organizations in her journey to use her skills as a designer, researcher, and educator to design social spaces that would bolster social problem solving and development in her own region in the UK.

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