Erin Brockovich, a famous lawyer who helped win a $333 million class-action lawsuit – the largest of its kind in U.S. history – was told by her teachers that she would never even make it through college.

For her case, she had to read through thousands of pages of medical records and legal briefs. This was a feat that none of her teachers would have believed possible of her.

Brockovich is dyslexic. She was teased by her peers and negatively labeled by her teachers while growing up. Though this may have been discouraging, she persevered through school and got her JD from Lewis & Clark Law School in Oregon.

Brockovich is now well-known for her famous case thanks to a movie based on her life in which she is portrayed by Julia Roberts.

To young dyslexics, Brockovich says, "Never give up hope. When someone helping you gets frustrated, don’t let them. Take a step back, because you can’t learn anything under pressure. And don’t worry about the label!"

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