Harvey Hubbell V


Harvey Hubbell V is a humanitarian and award-winning filmmaker. His documentaries have garnered over 55 film and video festival awards, including four Emmys. He has written and directed the multi-award winning comic documentary Electronic Road Film, which received an Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Program. Loop Dreams, Harvey's first feature-length documentary, won the Gold World Medal for Comedy at The New York Festivals and three Emmys for Outstanding Entertainment Program, Individual Achievement for Directing, and Program Writing.

Harvey's latest passion project is an independent, feature-length documentary entitled Dislecksia: The Movie, releasing in theaters nationwide in 2013.  It is a project that has been in development for over seven years and is designed to leverage the power of film to raise awareness, mainstream dyslexia and learning differences, and drive positive social change. The film is a product of many committed and talented artists, professionals and individuals, often working pro bono in support of Harvey’s belief that dyslexia is a learning difference and sharing in his unique vision and commitment to social change. 

Further driven by his passion to positively impact lives, Harvey recently formed The Hubbell Difference Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Working in partnership with The Hubbell Difference Foundation, Captured Time Productions makes documentaries that bring to life topics of current and relevant social value that transform lives, build community, drive innovation and encourage positive social change.  Captured Time Productions has produced films on topics ranging from human reproductive rights, American culture and identity, globalization, and most currently, learning differences and dyslexia.