For artist Heather Day, dyslexia has changed the way she looks at life. Her dyslexic mind has not only played a major role in the person she has become, but it has also inspired others through her art. Day was recently featured in a story on ENDPAIN, an organization dedicated to sharing other’s stories to promote self-wellness. Throughout her inspiring and thought-provoking story, she emphasizes the many reasons why her dyslexia has been a gift, and how it has been given a false negative connotation in today’s society.

As a talented artist, Day strongly believes in the dyslexics’ vivid imaginations and creative thinking. She reiterates that dyslexia is not a disability to be looked down upon, but rather a reason to celebrate. She states in her story, “dyslexia never handicapped my intelligence and desire for knowledge; it simply enhanced my experience on this planet.” Art has been a safe haven for Day, where she is able to express her true self and develop a deeper understanding of her dyslexia. From her experiences, Day hopes for change in the traditional school system to promote a more inclusive learning environment as well as eliminate the stigma that surrounds learning disabilities. Her self-advocacy has been her most useful tool in her efforts giving her the ability to choose her own path.

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