Middle-school dyslexic student ‚ÄčJake Sage combines his positive attitude and hard work with personalized strategies to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.

At a young age, he was aware of his dyslexia due to his struggles to keep up with his peers. However, he decided that instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was going to do something about it.

With the recognition that he just has to work harder than others, he is able to excel in all his classes with the help of a little extra studying and useful strategies that work for him. ‚ÄčOutside the classroom, Jake is passionate about baseball and a star player. Similar to his outlook on his dyslexia, he puts in a lot of extra practice to continue to improve and be a good player. His philosophy is if you set your mind to something and work at it each day, you will eventually see progress toward your goals.

Jake is an exemplary student who has overcome the negativity that often surrounds dyslexia to succeed in almost anything he puts his mind to.

To learn more about Jake Sage, watch this video clip of his story.