Comedian and former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno believes that hard work, perseverance, humor, and a positive attitude have been the driving factors for his success in show business and overcoming dyslexia. Leno has always valued working a little bit harder than everyone else, a lesson he learned from his mother and one that he carries with him to this day.

​Leno had a hard time in high school but was able to excel with the help of his very supportive teachers. One in particular noticed that he often told jokes in the hall and she encouraged him to write down his stories in her creative writing class. This was the first class that Leno came to love, and he believes he would not have entered show business without it.

​Importantly, Leno learned to play to his strengths. He knew he would never be an accountant or a banker, but he also knew he had a talent for making people laugh. This drove him to travel to comedic auditions after graduating from Emerson College. His most notable role is that of host on The Tonight Show, but he has also made appearances in several sitcoms and movies. He has also written a personal memoir and two children’s stories.

​In the end, Leno learned that being a little different from the rest of the crowd was a huge asset in show business.

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