The star best known for his role in the Matrix, Keanu Reeves credits his acting to learning to cope with his dyslexia in school.

Keanu Reeves jumped into stardom as The Matrix trilogy's star character, Neo. He has also starred in films such as Point Break and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Reeves remarks that his acting career probably stemmed from his act often put on in school. A dyslexic, Reeves says he often pretended to understand school because it was his way of “coping with the fact that I didn’t really fit in.”

Reeves’ academic years were troubling for him. He struggled with reading because of his dyslexia. Acting slightly wild and mouthy fueled his act of pretending to fit in. When his rambunctious acts got him expelled from high school, Reeves decided to never go back. By that time, he had discovered that acting could transform his years of pretending into something he enjoyed doing. He began taking acting classes when he was fifteen, enrolling in local classes and, discovering his love for Shakespeare. Despite his dyslexia, Reeves still reads and recites Shakespeare today to calm himself. He has performed iconic plays such as Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing. Dyslexia might slow him down while working with Shakespeare, but Reeves never let that stop him from partaking in performances and even award-winning motion pictures.

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