Leana Greene, CEO of the world’s largest parenting video library Kids in the House, grew up thinking being different meant being less. Starting at age six, she watched as her classmates seemed to grasp spelling and reading just fine, while she continued to struggle at a slower pace. The fear of reading out loud in class and pressure of impatient teachers caused her to create the false idea that she wasn’t good enough at school to succeed. Now the CEO of her own company, Green has shed all of the negative perceptions of herself and her dyslexia as she continues to manage the largest parenting video library in the world.

In school, Green constantly felt like she had to work harder than her classmates to please her teachers, never being confident in reading or writing. She knew she was great with people skills, and always excelled at Girl Scouts. Her dyslexia allowed to her think creatively and problem solve in unique ways too. It was these skills that Green took into the business world in her early 20s when she started her first company, which eventually grew into a multimillion dollar business. She has said that her dyslexia has enabled her to see other people’s strengths and weaknesses too, helping to surround herself with an intelligent and creative team.

Her largest success, Kids in the House, stemmed from all of her past experiences as a dyslexic, entrepreneur, and mom of three. She wanted to create a resource that would provide expert advice from teachers, authors, and doctors to parents who wanted to be better informed in order to assist and support their child—advice that she would have wanted access to during her own academic years as a struggling dyslexic.

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