Linda Farwell is a creative, award winning photographer, who’s work has been seen in Business Week, The New York Times, Seventeen magazine and Vogue. Her recent work “DNA Dyslexia” was selected by Philip Brookman, Consulting Curator in the Department of Photographs at the National Gallery of Art inWashington, D.C. to be included in “New Photography II“ at the Academy Art Museum in Maryland. In the multimedia “DNA Dyslexia” Farwell highlights her son’s journey as a dyslexic by pairing photographs of him in moments of exploration and discovery with common phrases all dyslexics hear when struggling to learn to read. A dyslexic herself, Farwell uses bright spirograph patterns to represent the joy of shapes in contrast to heavy, confounding block letters. The result, as described by Museum Curator Mehves Lelic, “reveals a mother and son relationship that is marked by this shared experience, creating a sincere account of an often-misunderstood condition.” You can check out more of her work here.