Luz Rello is a Spanish researcher who has dedicated her PhD research and fellowship to studying and understanding dyslexia. She herself has struggled with dyslexia, and comments in a TEDx video that her firsthand experience with the disability has been a main source of interest for her doctoral studies. Her own struggles with dyslexia in grade school were so severe that when she finally got a report card with all A’s she swears that she “didn’t know if it was real or a dream” (TEDx).

Because of her own experience and research surrounding dyslexia, Rello hopes to steer the conversation regarding dyslexia away from the celebrities and grown businessmen who associate their success and talents with the disability, and towards the young students in school with dyslexia who “give all they have in school but fail nonetheless” (TEDx). She is now using her PhD research to design and provide learning applications for students to improve their reading and writing abilities. Rello has taken the results from eye tracking experiments, where the reader’s eyes are carefully monitored while reading, to design a text format favorable to dyslexics to make it easier to read. Her dedication to helping those with dyslexia has already resulted in the creation of multiple applications designed to help the reading and writing skills of dyslexics like herself. Her main project, DysWebxia, is being integrated into applications and start up projects that she hopes will continue to grow and provide learning games for those with dyslexia.

If you want to learn more about the applications of DysWebxia, check them out at our tech blog post or visit Luz Rello’s website here.