The following was written by Megan Beland, a dyslexic author and illustrator who wrote a very heartwarming kids' book about her little sister.

I was raised in the small town of Grande Cache in Alberta, Canada. Growing up, I struggled a lot with school and my learning disability—dyslexia. It was something that I worked through every day. My journey with school was never easy and there where many times I thought that I would never graduate. After years of part-time home schooling, I moved to the city for three years to get help with learning to work with it. In the end, that didn’t stop me from my love of storytelling. Luckily I was determined enough that in 2011 I graduated with an Artist of the Year award. After high school I went to college and received my Graphic Design and Illustration degree.

I am now an author and illustrator of my kids' book, With You. I self-published it with Xlibris. I have it on sale on Amazon and around my small town.

My goal for my book is to take the next steps and get it into bookstores. To do this I need to find a publisher. One day I hope to do this with my other story as well.

I have always known that I wanted to be an artist! To create a message or story and watch it come alive with pictures or symbols is exciting to me. I have other artists in the family, so I have practiced the skills of painting, drawing, and other forms of art from a young age. I am a hard worker and love creating a story with my drawings.