Muhammad Ali was best known for his exceptional boxing career. He was an Olympic Gold Medalist, participant of the "Fight of the Century" in the 1970’s, and inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He was an incredible athlete, once heard to say, "I never said I was the smartest, I said I was the greatest."

Ali said this because although he was a great boxer, he barely graduated high school due to his struggle with reading. Ali was diagnosed with dyslexia. He understood the pain caused by being unable to perform well in school because of reading difficulties, and wanted to help others experiencing the same issues. Ali and his wife worked to improve the literacy of African Americans. They created the Go the Distance series of books and magazines selected to motivate and inspire young black readers.

Muhammad Ali was not only a world famous athlete, but someone who struggled with and overcame his challenge with dyslexia. His story, efforts, and example have helped and motivated students around the world.