Paul Fisher is artistic and creative, a whiz at writing computer code, a problem solver, and the founder and CEO of Buyometric. Fisher also cannot count because he has dyscalculia.

​Fisher’s troubles in school, particularly in math, were attributed to laziness and a lack of interest. In reality, he had an inability to mentally calculate and was not given any support. Despite his frustrations in school, Fisher realized that while he was not good at math, he excelled elsewhere. This became his driving force and that confidence pushed him through University and his business career.

​Today, Fisher is very open about his dyscalculia and has developed many strategies to help him with numbers including carrying a sheet of key business data everywhere he goes and taking advantage of technology such as calculators, spreadsheets, and his iPhone. He encourages young people who struggle with numbers to understand that they too can excel in business or any field they may choose.

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