Performing Artists

  • Success Stories: Florence Welch
    Successful musician Florence Welch found her passion in singing, in part, because of her dyslexia.
  • Aakash Odedra
    Odedra, despite his weaknesses with written language, found his strength in the communicative power of dance.
  • Abhishek Bachchan
    Bollywood producer and actor Abhishek Bachchan has struggled with dyslexia since he was a child.
  • Alyssa Milano
    Alyssa Milano has had her share of success, despite being dyslexic.
  • Andrae Crouch
    7 time Grammy winner, Andrae Crouch and his lyrics have reached people for over 50 years.
  • Angie Le Mar
    Making people laugh is what Angie Le Mar does best, but her life has been far from easy...
  • Anthony Andrews
    British actor and Golden Globes winner Anthony Andrews was introduced to the stage by his English teacher. As a student, Andrews had been fiercely struggling in school with reading and writing because of his dyslexia, and he lacked confidence with reading out loud in class.
  • Anthony Hopkins
    How was Anthony Hopkins able to win an Oscar, two Emmys, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement? He credits his dyslexia for his interest in acting.
  • Ari Emanuel
  • Bella Thorne
    Hear a young actress discuss her character's, as well as her own, life with dyslexia.
  • Billy Bob Thorton
    Billy Bob Thornton is an actor, screenwriter, and musician who also has dyslexia.
  • Brad Little
    As a child, he didn’t feel comfortable talking to people, didn’t feel smart, and didn’t read - although he now has to read scripts frequently for productions that he’s in.
  • Carly Simon
    Musician Carly Simon describes the positive and creative parts of her dyslexia
  • Channing Tatum
    Channing Tatum struggled with both ADHD and dyslexia as a kid growing up. He was placed in the special education classroom with children who had Down Syndrome and autism because of his learning disabilities.
  • Success Story: Cher
    It may be hard to believe that one of the most famous entertainers ever was a high school dropout.
  • Chris Koehl
    Former So You Think You Can Dance participant Chris Koehl opens up about his learning disability.
  • Christopher Lowell
    Christopher Lowell has worn a variety of hats in his career, simultaneously being an interior decorator and a well-known television personality on the Discovery Channel.
  • Daniel Powter: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Dyslexic
    Rather than viewing his dyslexia as an obstacle, Daniel Powter calls it a “gift,” that allows him to focus on his own compositions and experience music from a purely auditory outlet without the barrier of sheet music.
  • Danny Glover
    With all of the lines he has to memorize and deliver as a famous actor, no one would suspect that a guidance counselor once described Danny Glover as retarded in school.
  • David Arquette
    This Dancing with the Stars performer and acclaimed actor used to fear public speaking due to dyslexia -- but not anymore!
  • Douglas Booth
    Booth fell in love with acting at age 12 when he starred in a school play and decided he liked the onstage spotlight. But there was one problem-- Booth was dyslexic and wasn’t looking for a future with so many words.
  • Edward James Olmos
    One of the most influential and successful Hispanic Americans, Edward James Olmos grew up in a poor neighborhood in East Los Angeles and struggled with dyslexia all through his schooling and career.
  • George Burns
    American actor and comedian George Burns famously wrote “For me the toughest thing about dyslexia was learning how to spell it”. His comedic charm and successful television career make it hard to imagine him struggling with a learning disability. But Burns, who remained undiagnosed for most of his life, was constantly faced with anxiety and frustration during his career. The young George Burns struggled in school from the start.
  • Harry Belafonte
  • James Van Der Beek
    James Van Der Beek has had success in show business despite his challenges with dyslexia.
  • Success Story: Jay Leno
    Comedian and former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno believes that hard work, perseverance, humor, and a positive attitude have been the driving factors for his success in show business and overcoming dyslexia.
  • John Lennon
    John Lennon's beautiful music with the Beatles would not have existed without his perseverance through dyslexia.
  • Keira Knightley
    Did you know actress Keira Knightley originally got into acting because of her learning disability?
  • Lindsay Wagner became a household name in the 1970s due to her role as the main character of the hit TV show The Bionic Woman. Her interest in acting developed as a child, when she could express and cope with her emotions in acting classes—trying emotions in both her family and academic life.
  • Lindsey Stirling
    Recently awarded a spot on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Musicians list for 2015, Lindsey Stirling didn’t catch the eye of the music world or public with her skills on the violin alone. Her use of electronics, animation, and modern sounds makes her music just as unique as she is.
  • Maya Hawke
    Actress and musician Maya Hawke did not let her dyslexia hinder her success.
  • English singer, songwriter, and talented musician, Noel Gallagher is best known for his stardom arising from the rock band Oasis. Gallagher is less known for having dyslexia, a learning disability that has affected his life in a myriad of ways.
  • Octavia Spencer
    Actress and author Octavia Spencer has not let her dyslexia stand in her way.
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Patrick Dempsey
    Though "Dr. McDreamy" has had a successful on-screen career in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey’s childhood wasn’t nearly as easy.
  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams is a common name to people who are familiar with comedic movies and sitcoms. Despite having dyslexia, Williams has proven himself in the acting world through his extraordinary talent.
  • Salma Hayek
    Learning a second language isn’t an easy task, but for Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek, it wasn’t impossible, even with her learning disability.
  • English actress and 3-time Emmy Award winner Susan Hampshire went 30 years of her life before finding out she had dyslexia.
  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise felt held back by his dyslexia, but hard work and determination led him to become an extremely successful actor.
  • Thomas Bolin ‘Tom’ Smothers, known for his role in the comedic TV duo The Smothers Brothers, earned his fame and by portraying the ‘dumber’ of the two brothers. Smothers accepted his role as part of his own life too, recognizing that he wasn’t as good at spelling and reading as his classmates throughout his schooling.
  • Vince Vaughn
    For Vince Vaughn, making people laugh has never been hard. But not all things in life have come easy for the famous funnyman.
  • Whoopi Goldberg
    Caryn Elaine Johnson, otherwise known as Whoopi Goldberg, is a talented actress, comedian, author, television host, and activist.
  • Success Stories: Will Smith
    Will Smith, the star in over 20 blockbuster films, attributes his success to dyslexia.
  • Zoe Wanamaker
    Zoe Wanamaker built her fame as an actress through her role in the 11 season-long series, My Family.