Quinn Lathrop is an amazing 11-year-old who embraces his dyslexia as a gift and is passionate about educating the world about his gift.

​Lathrop, like many young, undiagnosed dyslexics, began struggling with speech before kindergarten. Once he started school, he lagged behind in reading but was reassured by his teachers that he would catch up with his peers by the third grade. For Lathrop, third grade came and he could not read. His teacher took it upon herself to investigate why such an intelligent and talented young man had such trouble with reading and encouraged his parents to have him evaluated for dyslexia.

​After his diagnosis, Lathrop began to thrive in school with the help of tutors, teachers, and his parents. Realizing how much a diagnosis and good support can help those with dyslexia, Lathrop made it his mission to educate anyone he could about dyslexia. He started by choosing dyslexia as the topic for his 5th grade science fair project and went on to present his project to other audiences. Lathrop wants his peers to understand that dyslexia is something to be proud of because it gives individuals strong talents in certain areas. He wants those who don’t have dyslexia to understand it, and those who do have it to embrace it.

​Read more about Lathrop’s journey and how he is helping to educate others about dyslexia on the IDA website.

Quinn Lathrop Dyslexia Presentation