After doing poorly in one school and having an unsuccessful admissions interview at another, Steve Walker was desperate for feedback that he was good at something.

As a ten-year-old, Walker discovered the ingredients for gun powder while on a museum trip with his grandmother. He and his best friend decided to perform their own chemistry experiments to try and perfect the recipe. Although he caused some minor explosions which got him into trouble with his parents, Walker finally got the satisfaction he needed—he was good at putting these ingredients together and creating a desired result.

​It might seem that a young boy creating explosions might not translate to anything good in real life, but for Walker, it did. He is now the founder and CEO of New England Wood Pellet where he still makes fires, but now gets paid for it.

​Walker encourages people to take a good look at what kids are doing, because someone who may seem like a juvenile delinquent could actually be a rising chemist star.

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