Now Senior Operations Manager at biotechnology company Sanofi Genzyme, Tara Condon has overcome a plethora of obstacles throughout her life to get her to where she is today. Condon has dyslexia, a learning difference which has made her journey difficult at times; however, her success in the medical world shows her intelligence and dedication.

Among Condon’s work, she is most proud of the advanced life-saving medicines that help millions of people suffering from rare diseases. This strikes a chord with Condon, having lost her mother to a rare fatal disease. Her family has always played an instrumental role in her life, giving her the support she needed to persevere through her dyslexia from the beginning. The turning point in her life occurred when she started attending Forman School in Connecticut in high school. In her first two years of public school, she was discouraged and failing her classes; her teachers gave her little support and determined that she was not going to amount to much. Despite this negativity, Condon found Forman, a school that is designed for those with learning differences. In her new niche with the help from teachers, her grades and confidence greatly improved. From her experience at the school, she gained invaluable skills that assisted her college career at Quinnipiac University. Here she double majored in Sociology and Women’s Studies, graduating with honors.

Condon now works among the best minds in the country, proving the tremendous capabilities of a dyslexic mind. However, she hasn’t forgotten her journey and still holds onto her humble roots as she makes way in the world. Condon is ambitious, hard-working, and truly an inspiration for those who feel that their dyslexia prevents them from achieving great things.