Ted Turner

Ted Turner comes with many titles; the founder of Cable News Network (CNN), United Nations philanthropist, Captain Courageous, CEO of Turner Broadcasting System, but one title that goes unheard is Successful Dyslexic. 

While attending the McCallie boarding school, Turner soon discovered that certain subjects were challenging for him, like math and reading, while others he grew to like. One of his favorite aspects of school became the military training, which ultimately influenced the way he approached his career. Turner used his military training background from school while managing a growing career.

Despite having difficulty in school, Turner demonstrated a natural talent for business early on in his career. As manager of one of his father's company branches, Turner doubled the branch’s revenue in his first year. In 1963 he took over as president and chief executive officer of his father's company, Turner Advertising, and built it into the largest advertising company in the United States by 1970. This was only the start of his success, but Ted Turner knew that to remain a successful businessman he had to play his strengths and recognize his weaknesses. He learned how to problem solve using techniques he had used while in school to help manage his dyslexia. Having dyslexia has helped him view things differently in his work, which has contributed to his overall success as an American businessman.

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