Meet Tom Dickson. You may know him as the Will it Blend? guy, the YouTube phenomenon who uses the series to promote his company’s (BlendTec) blenders. The idea is to show that Blendtec blenders are so powerful, they can blend everything from Happy Meals to rakes. Watch him blend an iPad.

Dickson didn’t always believe that he would be this successful. During his childhood, he struggled with dyslexia and was told he would never make it to college. Unwilling to give up, Dickson used his talents for putting things together by manufacturing motorcycle parts and selling them. Eventually, he saved money, worked hard, and earned a degree in engineering from Brigham Young University.

From there, Dickson went on to create a variety of inventions including a motion sickness patch, a grain mill, and finally, the BlendTec company. Dickson refused to let his dyslexia stand in the way of his success.

Watch his videos on YouTube.