For Vince Vaughn, making people laugh has never been hard. But not all things in life have come easy for the famous funnyman.

When Vaughn was in grade school, he had trouble reading. He was embarrassed by his struggles and would often not care about schoolwork because he wanted to fit in.

His teachers thought he was a wild kid, and eventually they learned that Vaughn has both attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. He would often be sent to the classroom with kids with learning disabilities, which frustrated him.

Doctors tried to prescribe drugs to help with his ADD and dyslexia, but his father refused that form of treatment.

But because of all of his adversity, Vaughn realized he would have to work harder than his classmates, to which he credits his successful acting career.

"When you have these setbacks, you develop a really good work ethic, because you have to try harder," he said.

Vaughn was invited to speak at a school in Washington, D.C. that teaches kids with learning disabilities and found out that there are many more successful people, like CEOs and doctors, that have learning disabilities just like him.