Blue Hat, Green Hat

Originally a story book (available on Amazon here), Blue Hat, Green Hat is an application for iPad and tablets that introduces kids to early reading skills in a way that keeps them learning and laughing. The interactive ebook, designed for ages 5 and under, lets users dress an animated turkey and see him and his friends go on silly adventures. As a user drags an article of clothing and places it on the turkey, the clothing’s description is displayed on the screen, highlighted, and read aloud. For example, if a red hat is dragged onto the turkey’s head, the phrase “red hat” will appear on the screen and each word will be highlighted individually as the narrator speaks. After the turkey is dressed and ready to go, the child can get a laugh out of manipulating the character’s adventure with the touch of the “OOPS!” button. The ebook also comes with the choice to take away the narrative voice so users can have a hand at reading through the ebook by his or herself.

The interactive ebook Blue Hat, Green Hat is available at the Google Play store and AppStore.

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