Choiceworks - 14.99


Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The Choiceworks app, has four main features each designed to help children with daily routines. With the Schedule Board, users can fully customize a schedule and a check off column so the child can mark each time they complete a task. Users may also opt to add timers to tasks. The Waiting Board includes a photo showing why the child is waiting, as well as a timer for the waiting period (optional), and shows possible activities the child can do while they wait. With the Feelings Board, children select how they feel, and are presented with different coping strategies to choose from. After the coping strategy, kids can then pick an activity to continue to help them feel better. Finally, the Feelings Scale allows for parents to track the feelings reported in the Feelings Board.

Each of these features are fully customizable, so parents can upload custom photos, videos and audio to each activity or emotion, create multiple boards for different routines, and the boards can be saved, shared or printed. The app also allows for the creation of multiple profiles on one device.

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