October 2017

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Kids Read 2 Kids

Kids Read 2 Kids is a free online website founded by 3 young siblings that helps motivate other kids to read by reading books out loud so other kids that follow along themselves.

7 Vital Tips to Help Improve a Dyslexic Student’s Writing Skills

Although dyslexia is known for being a reading disability, the condition goes hand in hand with writing and your students may be finding it difficult to grasp some of the main writing concepts.

Rainbow Sentences

Rainbow sentences is an interactive app that helps students break down parts of sentences to improve their grammar skills.

Free Audiobook Downloads Available Through the End of October

Reading Difficulties and The Pediatric Ophthalmologist

A 2017 research article further disproves the common misconception that dyslexia is associated with vision problems, and offers insight to what parents and doctors can do better.