Dear Young Dyslexic,

The number 4 best way to have a successful school year is:

Number 4: More learning/less class.

Dyslexics almost always need to take a lighter course load. In high school this may mean an extra study hall and in college 12 hours per semester is a full load. This gives us more opportunities to study material in depth and integrate our knowledge.

Study groups and discussing ideas with professors are particularly helpful in this integration. Also, hands-on project based activities are critical.

I also believe that in college dyslexic students should take no more than two classes that are hard for them. You have to define the term "hard". For example, math classes were easy for me. This might not be the case for you.

Furthermore, it’s important to take at least one easy class each semester. Again, you get to define "easy". However, it usually means a class without a lot of reading or writing. A marriage and the family class, a communication class, or a films class might be good examples.

That is all for now. Next time number 3.

Be well and make a bit of noise,

Dr. Michael Ryan




Dr. Michael Ryan