College Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

There are many college scholarships aimed at helping students with learning disabilities

College can be just as financially strenuous as it is academically demanding, and while many institutions offer financial aid packages for their students, these packages are not always as relieving as students and parents need. Independent scholarships, then, are a fantastic way to get the additional financial security you may need in college. Scholarship programs can be as exclusive or inclusive as they want, the requirements for eligibility ranging from GPA, honors, extracurriculars, personal hobbies, heritage—even learning disabilities! As our schools become more aware and accommodating to different learning styles, more scholarships become available to help students with learning disabilities go to college. Help your child (and yourself!) with the sometimes overwhelming experience of college by using the aid of scholarships to ease the financial burden of a higher education. While many scholarships require the applicants to be incoming freshman in college, there are scholarships available for students of any standing with a learning disability—so start familiarizing yourself with them now!


AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability

  • Annual Application Deadline: November 15
  • Website:
  • Description: The AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability is awarded annually to a deserving student with a disability who is pursuing undergraduate/graduate studies (must be at least enrolled as a Junior in college) in an accredited university who is pursuing studies related to the health and disability, to include, but not limited to public health, health promotion, disability studies, disability research, rehabilitation engineering, audiology, disability policy, special education and majors that will impact quality of life of persons with disabilities.

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo Scholarships

  • Annual Application Deadline: March 31 (check website for 2017)
  • Website:
  • Description: Ensuring that people with disabilities have opportunities to achieve higher education and the accompanying rewards is important to The Ability Center. Therefore, the Center provides college scholarships to students with disabilities and a permanent address in Lucas, Wood, Fulton, Henry, Ottawa, Defiance, and Williams counties in Ohio and Monroe or Lenawee counties in Michigan.

The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: November 13
  • Website:
  • Description: The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is a one-time $2,500 scholarship awarded to a graduating high school senior with a documented learning disability (LD) and/or ADHD who will be enrolled in a two-year community college, a vocational or technical training program, or a specialized program for students with LD and/or ADHD in the fall.

The Anne Ford Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: November 13
  • Website:
  • Description: The Anne Ford Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500/year over four years) granted to a graduating high school senior with a documented learning disability (LD) and/or ADHD who will be enrolled in a full-time bachelor’s degree program in the fall.

American Library Association Century Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: March 1
  • Website:
  • Description: An annual scholarship of $2,500 that funds services or accommodation for a library school student(s) with disabilities admitted to an ALA-accredited library school. The scholarship will fund services or accommodations that are either not provided by law or otherwise by the university that will enable the student or students to successfully complete the course of study for a Master’s in Library Science and become a library or information studies professional.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

  • Annual Application Deadline: May 22
  • Website:
  • Description: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) invites full-time students who will be or who are currently enrolled in a graduate program in communication sciences and disorders to apply for graduate scholarships of $5,000. Scholarships are available to students who are undergraduate seniors or who are currently pursuing master's or doctoral degrees. Both research and clinical doctorate candidates are eligible. Endowed scholarships are available for those with a disability or a member of the National NSSLHA.

Bennett A. Brown Scholarship at Georgia State University

  • Annual Application Deadline: April 17
  • Website:
  • Description: To provide scholarships to students with a documented language-based learning disability (a learning disability which substantially limits your ability to read, write, or comprehend spoken language) and be registered with the Margaret A. Staton Office of Disability Services at Georgia State University. Students must also have a demonstrated financial need and be entering freshman accepted for admission or an undergraduate already enrolled.

BMO Capital Markets Lime Connect Equity Through Education Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: Launched in May
  • Website:
  • Description: A place to be more. The BMO Capital Markets Lime Connect Equity Through Education Scholarship can help you do big things. Lime Connect is pleased to be an Equity Through Education partner of BMO Capital Markets to provide scholarships for students with disabilities. Launched in 2005, Equity Through Education helps people achieve their dreams by getting the opportunity to develop themselves through education, and the program builds a diverse workforce.Selected recipients will receive $10,000USD (students in the US) or $5,000USD (students in Canada) to support their future studies.

DREAM Institute’s Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP)

  • Annual Application Deadline: April 1
  • Website:
  • Description: The DREAM Institute has established a scholar award for Oklahoma students with physical and/or learning disabilities that are pursuing a higher education degree at an Oklahoma in state college or university. The Institute’s Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP) is a scholarship that is awarded each year based on resources available. Scholarships are awarded to students with physical and/or learning disabilities that are transitioning into higher education who meet the application and performance criteria.

FSD Science Graduate Student Grant Fund

  • Annual Application Deadline: December
  • Website:
  • Description: The Student Award Program of FSD helps to increase opportunities in science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and pre‑medical/dental areas for graduate or professional students with disabilities. FSD has established a Science Graduate Student Grant Fund, which is available to fourth year undergraduates (who are disabled and have been accepted to a graduate or professional school in the sciences) and graduate science students who have a disability. Awards of $1000 each are made to qualified college or university students in any field of Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Technology, or Engineering.

Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

  • Annual Application Deadline: December 4
  • Website:
  • Description: Access to knowledge is our thing. When it comes to higher education for promising scholars, we don't want anything to stand in the way. That's why Google is proud to support the work of Lime Connect since 2008. Google is committed to helping the innovators of the future make the most of their talents by providing scholarships and networking retreats for computer science students with disabilities.

Incight Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: TBD
  • Website:
  • Description: Students attending a college in Oregon and Southwest Washington who have a documented disability are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Up to 100 students who demonstrate outstanding service to their community and overcome personal obstacles are awarded scholarships from Incight. After graduation, many scholars return to Incight to participate in program opportunities and volunteer!

The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship: Disabled Youth

  • Annual Application Deadline: May 1
  • Website:
  • Description: The Scholarship will be awarded to qualified youngstersseeking to further their education by attending college. The amount of the scholarship is up to $5,000. John Lepping was extremely proud of disabled students who mustered the courage and determination to finish their college education despite their setbacks. This scholarship will help to deter the costs of college for disabled individuals who may not have the resources due to overwhelming medical costs. Applicant must reside in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarships

  • Annual Application Deadline: March 1
  • Website:
  • Description: The Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarship awards are open for application. These awards are given to college students with dyslexia attending 2-year and 4-year universities to assist them in their academic and career goals. After March 1st, applications will no longer be accepted. Eligible students must demonstrate financial need, dyslexia documentation, short statement and resume, and at least one successful term at the college level. A total of $40,000 will be given out in sets of $2500.

Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: End of March
  • Website:
  • Description: The scholarships of $500 each are to assist graduating seniors in Iowa with learning disabilities in pursuing a post-secondary education at an accredited institution which provides a two or four year college program or vocational training.

Lorraine Nelson Herrick Scholarship-Arts & Sciences

  • Annual Application Deadline: February 15, 2018
  • Website:
  • Description: This scholarship from the University of Colorado, Boulder College of Arts and Sciences is open to incoming freshmen, continuing undergraduate, and graduate students with documented disabilities enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences and a solid academic record. Special consideration is given to Colorado residents with multiple sclerosis who are anthropology majors.

Microsoft disAbility Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: March 15
  • Website:
  • Description: The disAbility Scholarship at Microsoft delivers on the mission of Microsoft’s cross disability employee resource group to empower and enable people with disabilities. This scholarship enables high school students with disabilities to go to college and target a career in the technology industry. This scholarship will be awarded to promising high school seniors who plan to attend a vocational or academic college and have a financial need. The amount of this renewable scholarship to be awarded is $5,000 per year, up to $20,000.

P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: March 31
  • Website:
  • Description: Scholarship(s) up-to $1,000.00 will be awarded to one or more high school seniors with financial need, a certified language-related learning difference, and artistic talent who plan a career in visual arts. Scholarships are potentially renewable for up to three additional years for a 4-year college. Students should be taking art classes during each semester. In keeping with the goals of renowned artist P. Buckley Moss, who struggled with dyslexia during her school years, this scholarship represents her dedication to young people who have learning disabilities and are aspiring towards a career in the visual arts.

Ralph G. Norman Scholarship

  • Annual Application Deadline: Unknown
  • Website:
  • Description: The scholarship is awarded annually to Arkansas residents with documented learning disabilities to attend a university, two-year community college, or a vocational/technical training program.

University HQ's Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

  • Annual Application Deadline: Various deadlines
  • Website:
  • Description: These scholarships are meant to help those who have a disability continue through higher education and bring their unique perspectives to their professional roles in a variety of industries. The organizations and schools that offer these scholarships understand that, what makes you different allows you to bring something new to the table. These are the types of professionals we need in an ever-changing world.


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