The transition from high school to college is difficult for any student, but even more so for students with disabilities.

They not only have to learn to handle a more demanding academic curriculum, but also learn to navigate new services and accommodations that they may not be used to. College life has less structure and support than high school, so it is important for students to enter college with as much knowledge as possible.

Enter 7 Steps for Success: High School to College Transition Strategies for Students with Disabilities. This book contains all the information you need on understanding the research on preparing for success at college, knowing student rights and responsibilities, developing essential personal skills, developing college survival skills, understanding college accommodations, and finding the right college.

This book is a great resource for professionals or parents looking to ease the transition of their students with learning disabilities to postsecondary education. Author Elizabeth C. Hamblet, M.S., M.A.T, is a learning disabilities specialist and is invested in informing professionals and families about the changes in disability services and accommodations they will find when a student makes the transition from high school to college.